Latest performance was with the Frank Bregar Orchestra big band concert July 18, 2019 in Fruita, Colorado, which was more fun than I thought possible! Here’s a video clip below of one of the songs from the concert recorded with a phone, so pardon the quality. Or you can click here to view / listen to more video clips from the concert!

Here is the big band demo that we recorded professionally in studio back in 2012 or 2013 or so, I think. Frank Bregar Orchestra.

The song clips below are some of the recordings I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of over the past 38 years. I’m posting them as I come across them.

Music, singing, is such a part of my very fabric that I continue to adjust to life since losing my voice in 2014, the voice I’d always known anyway. I’ve gradually accepted that what’s left of it doesn’t have to mean the end of singing, it just means I have to learn to sing with the voice and limited air control that I have now; its a different sound. I have to get used to and adjust to it.

Singing isn’t just about pitch and tricks; its about honesty of sound, the conveyance of life, emotion, love and pain, sass and rebellion, protest and unity; its expression, a channeling. That said, I do miss the range and capacity I had with my voice.

2007 The Blue Side of Jazz: Krystyn Hartman with Gary Smith & Paul Schneider

Recorded in Grand Junction, Colorado. Gary Smith producer.

Cover of “The Blue Side of Jazz” CD. Photograph by John Anglim 2007. CD produced by Gary Smith. Saxophone & clarinet by Paul Schneider.


For All We Know

Stormy Monday Blues

When I Look In Your Eyes

The Blue Side of Jazz

Fine & Mellow

1998-1999 Krystyn sings vintage ballads with Ian Bernard

Recorded in Santa Ynez, California. Ian Bernard producer.

Good Morning Heartache

Love For Sale

For All We Know

1985-1986 Krystyn Vaughn sings Country

For backstory on this stage of my life, see post dated 12/25/18 “Wow. Found online $1. Krystyn Vaughn sings Country Blues. My 1985 debut single.”

Promotional photo that was sent to radio stations with my record and a press sheet. Krystyn Vaughn sings Country Blues (1985)

Slow Dance, demo recorded Dallas, Texas

Love Comes Better, planned second single release recorded Hendersonville, Tennessee

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 3.19.41 AM

Country Blues, debut single recorded Hendersonville, Tennessee

1981 First pro demo: Krystyn Vaughn sings jazz standards with Fred Crane

Recorded in Dallas, Texas

Cry Me A River

No More Blues