Quick & Easy DIY: Turn a photo box into a wardrobe box for dolls

As a hobby online seller of dolls and doll clothes, I am always looking for creative ways to display clothes and put custom gift sets together.

Turning photo boxes, which are the size of small shoe boxes, into wardrobes for dolls is my latest discovery of cool ways to display and create unique gift sets. It is quick and easy to retrofit the box as the starting point. From there, the possibilities are limited only by the imagination.


Most of the supplies can be purchased at your local fabric or craft store such as JoAnn Fabrics (my personal favorite) or Michaels, for example.

  • Photo box
  • 2 small 1/4” hex nuts
  • 3/16” wood dowel (to fit in the hole in the hex nuts)
  • Round mirror
  • Super glue
  • Ruler


1. Mark inside the box 2” from the top and 2” from the back on both sides. (These marks are where you will glue the hex nuts.) The top of the box is the end where the metal thing is. (The box doesn’t stand properly if it’s sitting on the metal thing.)

2. Super glue a hex nut on each of the two insides at the marks. (The hex nuts are the holders for the dowel.)

3. Cut the dowel to the width of the box.

4. Insert the dowel into and between the two hex nuts as the clothes rod after the glue has dried.

5. Super glue the mirror to the inside of the box lid.

6. Put clothes on the hangers and voila! Instant closet and it all packs up neatly into the box. Add a label to the end of the box for easy identification of which doll’s clothes are in the box.


Add a luxe bed set that packs up Murphy-bed style into the box lid when not displayed or played with.

I used 1” craft foam for the bed because the lid is 1”, then made a satin slip cover over it. Stitched up a puffy comforter, adding batting between the top and bottom layers, and some cozy pillows. I found the little books at Michaels. (They are so cute!)

Oh, and the more of them I make, the more ideas I get for outfitting them!

Happy creating!

Photos (c) 2021 Krystyn Hartman

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  1. Linda Moody says:

    Love this idea. Been putting too much effort into making one out of a double, flap box which babyfood jars came out of at one time (my 17 year old Yorkie mix eats the pureed chicken now). Was going to use the box to make a refrigerator for my dolls but had already started on one with another type of box. Your wardrobes are beautiful and simple. I can’t wait to try one. Thank you for sharing. One would look elegant in my new 1/6 scale doll home my Hubby built for me. 🏠😊

    Liked by 1 person

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