Lawyer Biden & real estate developer Trump fail to recognize property rights & trespassing laws in America? This isn’t a partisan issue, its a property issue…

Whether they’re grabbing women by the shoulders or by the *****, they are, by definition under the law, in addition to committing battery, trespassing. How is it that these two men, of all people, don’t see that?

There are more laws protecting a person’s private property (land) and trespassing rights than for that same person’s private property (human body) rights? And these two men don’t get that? How much more clear does it have to be?


Under the Law

Has never been


In the USA

When both a lawyer and a real estate developer from opposite sides of “the aisle” publicly declare that women’s bodies are PUBLIC PROPERTY to be trespassed upon whenever and wherever a celebrity man wants to do so, perhaps our differences aren’t partisan, rather they are legal and cultural?

Would those same men feel the same way if the citizens trespassed on their land or hotels without their consent? I’m betting they wouldn’t. No, the trespassers would be prosecuted to the fullest under the law, or shot. But, they will grab a woman’s body without her consent and declare it their right?

When our leaders on both sides of the aisle, by their example, do not respect the rule of law and the citizens living under that law that they preside over, they are only creating their own backlash.

Apparently, the only real property protection under the law that a woman has is to own land and stay on it, because the law, the lawyers and the public ALL recognize her land property rights. But if she dares to step out? Her body becomes public property for any man who THINKS he’s a celebrity and therefore above the law.

A woman’s body is not public property, no matter the intent of the trespasser — or the magnitude of his ego and his archaic sense of entitlement.


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