I think Biden should champion the women candidates instead of himself. Its time.

Realizing today that some of the same men, including Joe Biden and Orin Hatch, from the 1991 Justice Clarence Thomas Confirmation (remembering the Anita Hill questioning by these men) are still in Washington TODAY simply stopped me in my tracks.

Are you kidding me? Why should we have to have the same guys our entire adult lives running the show? The same guys who’ve been telling us they’re for women’s rights and equality and blah blah blah since…

I mean, come on. Our KIDS were still in elementary school back then, we were young! Now our GRANDKIDS are in elementary school. Same old guys! No! Enough already! Please?

Please, old guys, we know you mean well and that you’re very ambitious still and feeling your oats, but some of us have been getting your chaff for too many decades, so maybe, perhaps if you’re in you’re 70s at this point, you should be mentoring and supporting the next generation — or several generations since the 1990s already. Just a strong suggestion.

The thing is this, some of us were born in the 1960s. Please don’t let us die in the 1950s. No more “Uncle Joe” or “Whose your daddy” governing. Yuck. We’re all adults here. We girls don’t need your imposed training wheels anymore. (I know he’ll never see this, but, since this is my diary and I do want to note my thoughts on this, why not?)

Mr. Biden, if you do see this, please, mentor and support and champion the first woman President, not because she’s a woman, but because there are viable solid candidates and its time… Show the nation that its not about you; that’s its about the future… Where womens’ voices matter.

SOME of us are frankly tired of the same old men messing things up, not listening, groping like its okay, then gathering their respective political machines to tell us they’re going to fix it. You guys had decades to do your thing, so now would be a good time, IMHO, to play golf with donors, speak at rally’s, support the future; its not about you…

Part of leadership, as you know, is knowing when to pass the baton; when to open the door and mentor the new ones. Please… Some of us are tired of dirty old men stories in the headlines all the time; thought we’d had the last of that with Clinton. But, no. Please, give a woman, the right woman, a chance to lead for a change…

Thank you for your consideration of this very important issue for some of us.

Oh, by the way, I’m just an independent who is tired of entitled dirty old men in Washington — in both parties. Sorry, but, its time for a woman President. And you can help make that happen. Thank you. You know, in case you’re reading this, which I know you’re not…

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