As the chips, and the hair, fell from my shoulders …

Presence of mind

Clarity of thought

I know who I am

For I see who I’m not

While in the hair salon the other day, my awesome stylist, who has been cutting and coloring my hair for over a decade, commented that the past few times I’ve been in, she’s noticed that I seem much more calm and at ease. I smiled and, with only a slight hesitation, the little poem above formulated in my mind as I said the words slowly, then gave her a hug.


She’s seen me go through a lot of … ups and downs (including my blue and purple hair phases) and has always been sincere during the downs and quick to laugh in the ups. I so appreciate her!

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  1. Linda Moody says:

    Our hair stylist know so much about us, more than therapist, I think🤔 So glad it was observed that you are now in a better place 😉 Many good wishes on your endeavors!

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