Such fun finding treasures in the local Heirlooms For Hospice store

Yes, running errands the other day was downright fun, the last stop being a donations drop off at our local Heirlooms For Hospice secondhand store. Locals donate nice items, which are then sold in the shop to help support our local world class Hospice organization. (And when I say world class, I mean it; an amazing organization, vital for our community.)

Normally when we drop off donations, we just leave them and go on our way, with no time to dally. But yesterday, I was by myself and had a half hour to spare. Having had a fairly decent sales morning (I sell collector Barbie clothes online), I indulged myself by spending said half hour in the shop; spent a whopping $45 total and left with all kinds of goodies! I know!

The first treasure I found is a turquoise leather purse, made in Italy, that is immaculate inside. (I like small purses with long straps; just big enough to hold my phone/wallet, lipstick, pen, mini notepad, keys.) I love the color!


Then I found this suede pouch with the little scene on it, which is a little too thin (not lined) to use as a purse, but … at only $6 so … its so cool and quirky. I’ll do something with it; I just love it; looks handmade.


I was drawn to the two scarves because of all the metal things on them! They kind of look like Brighton but there’s no label anywhere that I can find. Anyway, being a scarf-aholic, they were too yummy to resist. I can’t tell if they’re scarves or belts though; oh well, to me, they just became both!

The copper shimmery sash, I’m not sure what or how to wear it, but at $3, again, being a scarf-aholic I’m sure it will find its way into my wardrobe in some form; I love copper anything.


And last, but not least, a lovely little pair of thin leather driving gloves stamped inside with “Made in West Germany.” They’re not bulky (again, unlined, which is a little weird, but I think I can get some thin glove liners or something; anyway, for $6 or $7 (can’t remember now) they fit my little hands perfectly and are quite comfortable!


The half hour was well spent; I need to pop in there more often.

There’s something delightful in seeing old things in new light; reminding us that nothing is ever really gone; it just transforms.


And, of course, it was simply nice to be out of the house, out and about on such a lovely day! I mean, you know you don’t get out enough when a half hour shopping stop in a secondhand store seems noteworthy enough for a diary entry… oops. Oh well!

Photos on this post by Krystyn Hartman

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