A New Year! 2019 goals & 2018 highlights

While 2018 was certainly weird, it was transformationally weird. I’m not quite sure how to express it any other way. I’m so very thankful for family love, acceptance, and honesty.

2018 Highlights

  • Very top of the list was more engagement with the kids & grandkids. That was my #1 goal for 2018. It was a slow and awkward start, but consistency and love prevailed.


  • More creative home nesting projects (including a very cool master bath transformation for under $400 plus a whole lot of elbow grease, which I’ll post photos of in a later post — the bath transformation, not the elbow grease) with my amazing husband. Funny what a few fluffy new towels and faucet coupons can do!
  • Reconnected with my sister after decades; its been overwhelming in ways I can’t begin to describe. I love her so very much and don’t want to ever not have her in my life again! We connect in some form or another almost every single day since reconnecting; its simply wonderful, just wonderful!
  • Discovered who I am by untangling who I’m not (or knot); found my way back to “present” with a lot of really great support (no doubt some details will surface in later diary posts), so now I can be present for my family, for my self.
  • Achieved power seller status with 100% positive feedback for my ebay doll store, learning more about e- commerce than I ever imagined possible (another major factor in my decision to pursue law school with an Intellectual Property specialization; and yes, this will most definitely be a post up the road)
  • Learned about podcasting enough to know I want to do one
  • Finally realized that Intellectual Property Law is the new Publishing, so as an obvious next step in my career as a publisher, we looked into law schools with flexible schedules for a commuter
  • Launched BackTalkCafe.com, a serial website story using dolls as the character actors.
  • Created MyDollStory.com as a place to put photos of some of the dolls & doll clothes I set up and sold online
  • Rediscovered my distant music past when a radio promo copy “Country Blues” record turned up on ebay


  • Had some very effective therapy with a very cool “team” of therapists. Team is my word choice; they don’t exactly work as a team, but because I had several, each with a specific purpose, I consider them a team. And I do so appreciate them!
  • Deleted all my social media accounts. All of them. If there are any others out there; its only because I’ve forgotten about them or something, but I’ll eventually get them all removed. And yes, I’ll be posting as to why. In short, I don’t regret it at all; in fact, everything is better since deleting them. So far I deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2019 Goals

Will be interesting to see how these goals look in a year from now; how they evolve — if at all.

  • Even more and better engagement with our kids & grandkids. Listen to them more; support more.
  • More creative home nesting maker / improvement projects with my Honey
  • Apply to and get accepted into law school. (I’ve already registered to take the LSAT.)
  • Produce, launch, and grow a successful podcast.


  • Attend Toastmasters meetings to learn to be a better speaker.
  • Write more chapters in the BackTalkCafe.com story (write & photograph as much possible before law school starts)
  • Continue digital footprint deleting and consolidating
  • Phase move remaining doll & doll clothes inventory from ebay to BackTalkCafe.com or MyDollStory.com
  • Write regular posts here on MyBlueDragon.com, of course
  • Smile more & listen to more music!



Photos in this post © 2018-2019 Krystyn Hartman







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