Studying for the Law School Admission Test

Words matter. The day after my last post I had an epiphany, a really major epiphany. Huge. So huge I had to gather my thoughts before I could put it here. Why the loss of publishing hit me so hard emotionally? Because words matter.

When I went into publishing decades ago, there were only three areas of life where I saw that words truly mattered: family, publishing/media, law. Family wasn’t a profession in my mind and law was beyond my reach. Today, words don’t seem to matter much in media and publishing. But they still matter to me. And I’m blessed that they matter to my husband too; his support borders on enthusiasm! Who knew?

Coca Cola Sweetheart Barbie doll vintage-style fashion set. I chose it for this post because it has kind of a back to school youthful energy vibe to me.

So, yes, even well into my golden years, I decide to go from the frying pan into the fire. From publishing to the laws of publishing (and technology). That is, IF I can get into law school. The odds aren’t good. But there is a small chance I might, if I can do well on this test and present a strong written personal statement. The chances are 100% that I won’t get in if I don’t try and don’t apply. I’m going to try and I’m going to apply.

In short, as I have to get back to studying, I plan to take the LSAT next month. Out of school for too many decades to mention, I’m studying all I can in the hopes of achieving a competitive score.

I’m using the Khan Academy’s online LSAT prep program for studying. I really like it! Not encouraged by how bad I’m doing on the practice modules, but very much encouraged when I watch all the tutorials and tools available and understand a little more each round. My brain is happy…

Oh, and I have not been to Toastmasters yet. I’m going to do that after I get through this test. I think Toastmasters will help me a lot with my speaking skills, skills I’m going to need if I do get into law school!

Oh, and I can see how podcasting can be an extremely valuable tool in the field of law. IF I can get in and IF I can pay for it! One step at a time. Speaking of time, time to study!

Photos in this post by © Krystyn Hartman 2018

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