Exploring Toastmasters for learning to be a better speaker …gulp…

The more I think about the idea of podcasting, the more aware I am of my horrible speaking skills. Before I can even consider producing podcasts, I absolutely must fix and improve my speaking skills. Podcasts or no podcasts, I need to do that anyway. E-gad.

I thought immediately of Toastmasters. I’ve never been to a Toastmasters meeting, but I know the organization is about speaking and that its been around for a really long time.

So, I went to the local Toastmasters webpages; there are two groups: one meets at 7 a.m. weekly and the other meets at noon weekly. I’m going to visit the noon group next week; meaning, I’m going to go and just observe and see what its like. The websites indicate that everyone is welcome and speaking participation is not required (whew).

The sites show that members get access to all kinds of extra learning tools, so if it seems right for me, I’m definitely going to join. I love learning new things, so I’m looking forward to seeing what its about!

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