Is my paper bias showing? Probably.

As much as I appreciate the all-access media of today, I do miss traditional magazines and vetted publishing. At a more base level, I simply miss the ink on paper, that distinctly awful, yet wonderful smell of the books as the roll off the presses; yes, the stories are still there, we just have to be willing to tell them, and tell them honestly — no matter the medium.

But, not surprising, as a former magazine publisher and book editor, I’m more than a little biased when it comes to that awful ink on paper and will most definitely have more to say on this topic in the very near future!

“. . . Magazines, as well as common Gazettes, might spread through every city, town and village in America. I consider such easy vehicles of knowledge, more happily calculated than any other, to preserve the liberty, stimulate the industry and meliorate the morals of an enlightened and free People.” — George Washington, 1788


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