Dolls don’t talk back. Or do they?

Dolls in all their various forms have been relevant in story telling for thousands of years, if not longer. From stuffed corn husks shaped into forms to ceremonial dolls, to GI Joe and Barbie with their detailed uniforms and designer gowns, to guys with sticks and stones demonstrating game plays in the sand.

Perhaps, all dolls are story dolls, in one way or another. No doubt they, and accompanying human imagination will continue to survive and outlast the latest and greatest gizmo and gadget, just as they always have.

After retiring as magazine publisher, I still felt the need to produce something. I decided to try a web serial story but using dolls as the visual characters; something I could do inexpensively and from the comfort of home.


Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 5.24.59 AM

The site is a story or series of stories consisting of two reader tracks:

The Story” is the fictional story about characters (portrayed with dolls) who frequent the Cafe with regular chapter installments.

The Back Story” behind the story is my personal blog about the entire process — to date as well as going forward through each chapter installment. is a new site, which means I’m still learning my way around and adjusting details. And yes, I’m having fun with it!


Photos © 2018 Krystyn Hartman

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